Covid-19 News, Policies and Procedures

2021/22 Season

Rules and protocols regarding Covid-19 and game play will be announced closer to the beginning of the season as we continue to monitor the guidance of Public Health and BC Hockey. Please monitor this page for updates closer to the season. (Updated: July 23, 2021)

Game Day Procedures

(Please note this is for U11 and above. More information to follow for U7 and U9.)

Summary of Game Day Procedures:

  • Visiting team responsibilities include providing contact information of ALL screened participants including support staff prior to entering the arena.
  • Maximum of 50 people in the arena at one time. This includes players, coaches, covid ambassadors, safety people, officials, support staff, including arena staff, timekeepers, and video streamers. 
  • Spectators are not permitted in the arena on gameday.
  • Home players are to enter the arena no earlier than 15 minutes prior to the start of the game.
  • Visiting players are to enter the arena no earlier than 15 minutes prior to the start of the game.
  • Female dressing room will be made available. 
  • All players are required to wear a personal mask at all times in the arena when not on the ice surface, including the dressing room until moments before the game and their helmet is put on. 
  • Officials are to maintain physical distancing of 2 metres or wear a mask when not on the field of play (ice surface, benches and penalty boxes). 
  • Coaches are required to wear a mask at all times including the benches. 
  • Timekeepers are to arrive at the timekeeper’s box prior to players going out on the ice and wear a mask at all times. Players in the penalty box will operate the door without assistance of the timekeeper when the penalty is completed. 
  • Covid ambassadors, safety people and video streamers are to wear masks and maintain physical distancing in the designated spectator area. 
  • Spitting will not be tolerated. If a participant spits at any time in the facility, they will be asked to leave immediately. 


**Please click here to review entire set of printable procedures and Covid-19 Pre-Screening Form for visiting teams.

Updated information September 29, 2020

Considering changes due to Covid-19, we have some important information that requires your attention and we appreciate you taking the time to carefully review the information below and in the poster below.

1. We are increasing our usage of the TeamSnap app this year, more specifically, in how we communicate about hockey activities. Please ensure that any adults that should be included in messages, emails, etc. regarding your player have also downloaded the TeamSnap app. It is your responsibility to ensure that whomever requires receipt of a team email/message that they are properly set up in TeamSnap. Please have this done before October 5.

2. We will be using TeamSnap to conduct a Pre-Practice/Game Health Checklist that each parent/guardian must complete prior to dropping off their player at the rink. Please ensure that the appropriate parent has access to the app to complete this checklist for every practice or game or your player will not be allowed on the ice.

Completing this checklist ahead of time using the TeamSnap app will lessen the workload required of coaches and arena staff from having to screen each individual player upon arrival at the rink.

3. We will be updating our Covid-19 Guidelines/Procedures on the website before the start of our season in early October. A message will be circulated via TeamSnap once it is ready and we expect all parents and guardians to review this prior to your player’s first practice.

LLMHA Update Sept 2020

Logan Lake Minor Hockey Return to Play 2020 Plan
Covid – 19 Response

The Logan Lake Minor Hockey Association has developed a custom Return to Play 2020 Plan in response to Covid-19. All executives, coaches, parents, guardians and players are required to comply with these guidelines and any non-compliance with these guidelines could result in removal from play or participation in LLMHA activities.

Please click here to view guidelines.